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Sunday, February 27, 2011


קניית דומיין

Enjoy the party. I like this celebration with many different things and events which is well done by children.


You are such an amazing mom Sandra!! Jazzie will remember the things you do for & with her for many years to come.

BTW, I love how Matt can break up a party. It's all in the outlook girl. :-)

debbie nicholson

Love the flip-flop idea. And that cake looks amazing. Jazzie looks so happy in all these photos. Dx


Looks like the party was a success! I made those flip flops quite a few years ago, pre-Amelia. They are adorable, but your fingers do get sore after awhile:)


You all are so fortunate to have that circle of friends for support for the girls. I'm wondering if they are all doing as fabulously as Jazzie??


what a fabulous slumber party you hosted.
Hope your injuries from your fall are all better and congrats on the 15 mile run!


Sandra.......did my 5k yesterday at Disney. Today is the Princess 1/2 marathon, which I am not doing! haha....just glad to do the 5K
Slumber party looks like a great sucess.....bring back fun memories from my Youth. Congrats on the 15 mile run!

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