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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Tyson Sieger

Hoho, that is dancing with fun! It seems that dancing is your favorite bonding activity. It's very enjoyable to watch. Jazzie did a great job of mimicking you! And LOL @ "How about me, Ben?" Well, she will have her time to shine as long as you are there to teach her. :)




So adorable! Jazzie rocks!


Next we get together we will havev to have all all out Dance Party. Jami tends to dance more whimsical, fairy like. It will be a riot to see them all dancing their own


I love that she mimics your facial expressions - and I can tell she's doing it before I know she's dancing with you:)
I love that you rock out with 80's & 90's rock and your kids like it:)
I love how much fun you're all having;)


Seriously, I cannot stop smiling. She is too funny. I think this will be a great memory for the two of you when she is all grown up.

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