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Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Kitchi auto correct is interfering above. It's the fast metabolism diet by Hayley pomeroy. Worth looking into.


Litchi, take a look at Hayley pome toys fast metabolism diet. I it's a 28 day plan. I did two rounds this summer with a two week break in between, still staying in the suggested good groups and lost wait slowly but consistently. 10 pounds this summer!! Now I'm going to go back on the point system with the foods suggested by the fast metabolism plan. Try it!

Nelson Tillmon

You are very inspiring! I was impressed by your transformation. The ordinary looking charm did you good. It kept you motivated, and look, you were able to reach your goal. Well, I am happy for you. Continue to have good memories with your family and your good luck charm. I hope to hear more from you. Good luck and congratulations!


I have been following your blog for over 6 years now and you have alway been a beautiful person on the inside now you are a complete package. You really look healthy and happy congrats.


i have to tell you i am so choked up reading this. first, i wish i could hug you and congratulate you. your determination and committment to take care of yourself is absolutely inspiring to me. second, you are stunning. beautiful. THEN and now. the only thing that has changed is your size, but not how beautiful you are. trust us, trust me on that.

i have recently struggled with weight gain- the most in my life. i've never really been truly overweight by much (25 pounds at the most). i am only 5'2" and am almost 190, and i've never been over 160 so it's scaring me (my normal weight is 140-145, i have incredible muscle tone and huge thighs/calves from years of running). anyway, i digress. i joined weight watcher's last summer for 3 months. i was hardcore. diligent. never missed a meeting. ate what i was supposed to. followed the plan. lost 6 pounds in 3 months. absolutely discouraging, and even they said it was not normal and told me to see my MD, which i did, had the thyroid checked, etc, which was fine.

so, it's my fate- my metabolism- and i have to face that it will take me that long to lose. that i only lose 0.2 pounds a week on average even when i'm pounding the pavement and feel like i'm starving myself. it's a tough reality for me to face.

but reading this, and seeing how far you've come... and knowing i've never gotten even that 10% has me reconsidering opening their door again and starting all over...

anyway. not to heist your post. you just really have touched me with this and i am truly so happy for you.


I am just getting over this flu and catching up on blog reading. I am so beyond proud of you! You really are the inspiration! You are amazing!!!


I rarely commnet on your blog, I'm a quiet reader! :)

But I want to say...YOU are incredible!

I know how hard you were on yourself before this, and it's amazing how much this has changed you... your positivity, your outlook on life. It is like a breath of fresh air.

Your hard work and determination has paid off and you look incredibly fabulous.




You look great!! Good for you. It will be nice in the summer without the extra weight.

Carol in N.Y.


Congrats!! You look fabulous -- way to go!!



I've been on WW several times, but got on it for GOOD last July and knocked off the 20 lbs I needed to shed. I now feel fabulous and I am having to buy new jeans because mine fall off of me. Weight Watchers is the BEST program out there!!

Tammie Hersh

AWESOME!!! Congrats on all the charms you've earned with your hard work & persistence!!

To be honest, whenever I've seen pics of you, I didn't see an overweight person. The reality is that it's really how we feel about ourselves that is important. I never would have guessed that you had 50 pounds to lose let alone 75. You look wonderful!!


Ook al vind jij het moeilijk om naar jezelf te kijken op de eerste foto, je ziet er daar echt niet uit alsof je zoveel gewicht te veel hebt, echt niet. Wel kijk je angstig en een beetje onzeker wat op de tweede foto niet het geval is.
Het is in elk geval een waanzinnige prestatie die jij voor elkaar hebt gekregen. Heel veel respect hiervoor!


Congratulations to you! I've read your blog forever and always found the challenges and triumphs with your daughters very helpful in raising my own daughter. Now, you're a huge inspiration to me in helping me get fit and giving myself some much needed attention. I've also joined Weight Watchers and am working hard to reach those milestones too!

Shari Ulrich

Sandra, You look fabulous! I'm really proud of you. It's so nice to see you posting pictures of yourself; you're beautiful.


Sandra.. You are totally amazing. I wish I could find a good WW meeting in my area. I've been to a couple around here and I was soooo NOT impressed. :-( I need to keep looking I guess!



Fantastic. what you did and how you look and feel now...fantastic.


Way to look wonderful & so full of confidence......keep it going!


Congrats to you, you look wonderful. You are an inspiration. Thank you for blogging about it. I need to get back on the WW wagon and stay there! Thank you again.


So inspirational. Way to go, Sandra!


I started Monday, yes... on Valentine's Day.
I saw the picture of you looking all GORGEOUS in your new dress and thought "That has got to feel soooo good. I WANT THAT!!!"

Thanks for the inspiration Hottie McHottikins!


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