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Sunday, February 13, 2011



Way to go on the run! I cut my finger badly adjusting a wheel on the lawnmower and had to have it stiched up. I couldn't believe how painful it was, and I was in my 30s. Jazzie made the right call.

Tammie Hersh

Poor Jazzie!!! I'm with her though & would have chosen the splint also!!


Ouch! Poor Jazzie! She and Polar Cub can swap stories. :o) The pink splint it cute and hopefully she'll be back to her normal craftin self quickly!

Way to go with your run!!! You rock!


as someone who was once an avid runner, i am so seriously impressed. i never broke 10 miles (my longest race was a 15K). my dream is to do a marathon one day but sadly my knees just won't let me.

and poor jazzie! wow! so glad they were able to glue that up. hope it heals quickly!


Jeetje wat ben jij sportief, waanzinnig!

Ernstig die snee in haar vinger! Myrthe is dat een paar jaar geleden op vakantie ook eens gebeurd en inderdaad ook gelijmd. Prima, alleen hadden zij Myrthe niet zo professioneel verbonden als Jazzie waardoor de wond eerder open ging dan bedoeld. Maar dit ziet er stevig uit. Beterschap!


Great job on the run. I like jazzie's PINK splint. Lindsi had the glue, Twice now, on the underside of her chin!!


13 miles is quite impressive. I know I probably couldn't run 13 houses. Keep up the great work!

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