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Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I just found these in my supermarket. Could you pass along the recipe? I started WW & am looking for new & interesting things.


I'm going to have a look for that here in Australia, my two LOVE noodles but given that I'm not training 4 times a week with my boy, I probably should not base my diet on his too ;)


I am going to look for those - Amelia eats SO many noodles and those have protein do they not?

Twomunchkins in HB

wow, we have this product here in our Asian market - I live in an area with multi-Asian markets (Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese and Thai). My daughter Kacie love these noodle and at first I was looking at it with a weird feeling but Kacie loves it with just soy sauce on it.

How are you doing? Also are your boo-boos all gone? Keep up on your exercise.

take care


Wat leuk om alles weer even bij te lezen en op de hoogte te zijn van jullie leventje.
En jeetje mina zeg .. wat ben jij opgeknapt en mooi slank geworden zeg! Super goed hoor!!! Klasse!!! Ik wilde al gaan vragen hoe je dat hebt gedaan, maar de WW dus ...
Nu volhouden, maar je bent kennelijk zo sterk (als ik het goed inschat) ...

Doei doei, Agnes

debbie nicholson

I think you should do more posts on low fat recipies/ advice on healthy lifestyle would be perfect!

Two Kayaks

VERY interesting!! I am going to try to find some here in Canada. :)
You look great, by the way!

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