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Sunday, February 20, 2011



Matt's grandmother looks like real pistol!! How lucky you all are that she's around.

Yikes! on the bad & the ugly. I hope you're feeling better by now.


Ouch!! Sorry you took such an awful tumble!

Wonderful pics of Matt's grandmother! Sure hope I look like that at 96!

Diana Wang

I love the pictures of your GG. I hope when I am 96 I can throw my hands above my head and look as great as she does.
WOW on your hands and legs. I am glad you are OK.


Those aren't ugly legs, those are Working Girls. No pain, no gain.


That is quite a spill you took! Glad you were able to continue your run. I hope to get back out there this week.

Matt's grandma does not look 96!


What a beautiful looking grandmother Matt has. Love the pics of the girls. Thalia is becoming MORE BEAUTIFUL everyday. Wow! I see her maturing before my eyes.

Ouch on your fall. I hope you're not too stiff & can get going again soon!!!!


Oww, that is scary and looks so sore. Hope you feel better soon and are able to resume your training...I know it's important to you.

Shari Ulrich

Ouch, that looks like it hurts, Miss Skinny legs. And that 96 year old grandma....she looks amazing. I'd say your hubby has some pretty good genes going for him!

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