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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


kat chang

oh my lady gaga!!!! don't get much thinner! you'll disappear! i'm not even kidding!!!!!! wow. like wow. i can't even lose 5 pounds... >.< oof. hahah ^^


i'm still choked up from the darn race. now, well, someone give me a tissue.

aren't you at goal weight? surely you are at goal weight. it looks that way!

congratulations to you. really. i wish i could give you a hug!


wow! you are amazing! i am one month in to ww and down 5 pounds, and looking to lose about 30 more. you are inspiring me!


The best thing about your weight loss? Loosing pounds but gaining confidence & seeing a sparkle in your eyes!


As someone who is still on the weight loss roller coaster (recently joined WW), I must say you are an inspiration! AWESOME JOB!!!


Zo ... dat is een ongelofelijk hoeveelheid zeg ... knap gedaan hoor!!! KLASSE!

Grappig trouwens dat je als een ├ęchte amerikaan klinkt. Zo niet NLs ;-)

Groetjes, AGnes.


Wow!! 80 pounds....I had no idea that you needed to lose that amount of weight. You wore it well.....Congrats!!

Rhonda McRae

what an amazing accomplishment!!


Congrats, what a great accomplishment!!


Polar Bear

That is so amazing!!!

Shari Ulrich

Congratulations, Sandra, you look fantastic!!

debbie nicholson

Well done!....just wondering how far away you are from your target weight now? Dx


You rock!!!! Keep up the hard work. I can't wait to hear your Pig experience! I'm still considering the half.


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