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Wednesday, March 02, 2011



Gewoon jaloers dat zij niet zoveel zijn afgevallen, laat ze .... je mag trots zijn op jezelf!!!!

Groetjes, AGnes.


Sandra, you inspired me to join WW on January 31. In the (almost) 5 weeks since then, I've lost 14 pounds, learned a lot, and am feeling hopeful that I can do this. Thank you!

When I notice someone's weight loss, I wait for them to bring it up. A few years back, a colleague returned from a 3-week vacation down a full size. Formerly chubby, she continued to lose, as others told her how great she looked. She accepted the comments graciously, unable yet to share that she had pancreatic cancer. You never know . . .


Hi Sandra,

I've been reading your post for years and I don't believe I've ever left a comment. This post really struck a chord for me. I lost 130 pounds several years ago and was really uncomfortable with kind comments. Particularly when I'd been morbidly obese my entire life. I think a lot of people don't say anything because they don't want to imply that there was anything wrong with you before. For me hearing, you look great or I'm proud of you was/is the same as saying that I was worthless for the first 30 some years. Just a thought. It is an accomplishment that you should be proud of. Sometimes not commenting can be a kindness as well.

The nasty ladies at WW though...gads. Idiots abound.

Congrats on the loss and the wonderful mommying!


I believe one word sums it up - jealousy.

I know this because I've been (and still am if I'm honest) jealous of those who are successful at losing weight. I believe anyone who has struggled with their weight has also stuggled with feelings of jealousy when someone else is successful and they aren't. It's normal. It's natural.

BUT - those people who are jealous also have the responsibility to act like a mature adult and not be negative towards people who are successful. It could be that those who are quiet just can't get up the gumption to say something nice so are choosing to say nothing at all. That might be the better of the 2 options.

You look great and you've worked hard for where you're at! I just know that for every successful weight loss there probably 100+ failures. Hopefully those people will get to where you're at someday and be able to celebrate.

For now, even though I wish my weight were different from what it is, I choose to celebrate with you.



Hi Sandra, all the same for me .. I am always amazed by the "no-reaction" thing from close friends!!!!
And like you ... I don't care ... I am feeling so good!
Congrats again,

Dada Abel

It's called JEALOUSY my dear
Just keep smiling and be happy, enjoy life.
Greetings from Germany.


Sandra I am so excited for you - yet I admit I'm jealous.
Jealous that I haven't found it in ME to put forth the effort you have toward MY goal. I couldn't be happier for you, yet every day when I see the confidence you've found I am jealous. Some people may choose to let that jealousy come out in ugly words and mean looks; I'm using that jealousy to inspire me to work harder toward my own goal, to quit finding excuses to not do it. Some days it is harder to read your excitement and see your success because I am feeling down on myself; so, if over the last year I've said anything that came off as rude, or hurtful - I certainly didn't mean it...It was a reflection of my own insecurities - my fear of letting go of the weight which I've been using to keep people at a distance.
THANK YOU for sharing, because you are showing me it is possible and giving me the hope that some day I will hit MY goal. Seeing your new found confidence and happiness is giving me the confidence to move forward as well. THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!


I have to agree with everyone else...sounds like a "green-eyed monster"!!! Methinks the lady is not "running" in the the true sense of the word....maybe also rewarding herself too well for her "running"!!


Niks gemeners dan vrouwen onder elkaar, al helemaal als ze jaloers zijn.....
Ik vind het een WAANZINNIGE prestatie! 36 kilo!!!! Dat is toch enorm! Terwijl als ik vroegere foto's van jou zie dan heb ik niet het idee dat je daar 36 kg overgewicht hebt, echt niet.
Wees trots op jezelf! Super prestatie!


Girl....let that stuff roll off your back. Women can be SO hateful towards one another! I had the same thing happen to me at Curves. DON'T sweat it. People like that are just jealous and the folks who have no comment at all probably don't want to bring up the subject in fear of revealing their own body flaws.
You look FABULOUS and you worked your butt off for it. So stand tall, be proud and keep on smiling...


I would be smiling, too! You look beautiful (you always did) and you are healthier and happier. I for one find your story and your journey very inspiring! I know how hard it is ... and you make me believe in the possibilities. Thank you!!


Oh how annoying - and weird! Especially at a WW meeting, I have got the impression that those are usually very supportive. I really don't understand why people can't just be happy for someone else! I know I get genuinally happy when a friend reaches a goal, whether it is losing weight or getting a new job or taking a class. (And know that all your blog readers are very happy for you!!)


That lady may "run," but I'm pretty sure she probably doesn't run 15 miles in one session. Sounds like some major jealousy issues, and also just RUDE!


It sounds like thatnperson has some issues to work through. Let it slide, and keep doing what you're doing!


Sandra, sorry that you're getting any bad reactions at all. You are just rocking this weight loss/exercise and it is incredible!!! I'd be willing to bet big money (or chocolate, which is even more valuable in this house, heh) that any bad reactions you get are 100% about the folks doing the reacting and 0% about you. Those folks are probably feeling crappy about themselves and bitter/resentful/angry that they aren't having success in their own lives. Not excusing it AT ALL (the lady at WW was just horrible) -- just guessing that their anger is directed inward and unfortunately expressed outwardly.


She is jealous. Brush it off. You are doing GREAT!


Sounds like jealousy. Many people want things but are not willing to put forth the effort to achieve them. You did. Now the person who always tried to remain in the shadows is in the spotlight and actually enjoying it because you worked so hard for it and over came so much to get where you are.
I only started following you recently and I love what an inspiration you are and admire your extreme hard work.


Two Kayaks

Mediocrity fears excellence. You were willing to do ALL the work necessary to achieve your goals. Some people are not ready to do it all.

Briana's Mom

Ouch. That sounds like the green-eyed monster to me. :D

Glad you aren't letting it get you down!

debbie nicholson

Sandra, I can't believe this post. How rude! I'm irritated that lady felt she could say that in your WW class....I have just lost my first stone, have hit my 10% target (I'm half way there!) and a lot of this is down to how positively you have spoken about your results and seeing for my own eyes how great you look. If I was going to the same class as you I would be making you my new BFF so your success rubs off on me!!

You have been truly inspirational and do NOT deserve that kind of remark... From a fellow WW.. Dx

Ps No one has commented to by yet about my weight loss either!!

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