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Tuesday, March 08, 2011



YY praat ook altijd over haar 'echte vader en moeder', dus de biologische ouders. Ik laat dat zo, dat is zoals zij het ervaart en het voelt. Het is goed zo ....

Groetjes, Agnes.


Amelia and I have finally determined that she has 2 real moms. The thing she is struggling with right now is that Amelia is not her "real" name. I've explained to her several different ways why I changed her name, but she is still frustrated.
I am re-adopting her right now and I asked if she wanted to add Chun to her middle name but she said no - I asked if she would like me to call her Chun Hua Xi - "No, my friends wouldn't be able to say that." Which is exactly why I changed her name to begin with.
She still tells everyone that Amelia is not her real name! I think to her real is first which may be the case for S. too.


"What Tahlia is Adopted"....from the mouths of babes...wish we all thought like this. Love it!!

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