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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Tina Michelle

I adore that proud note from your daughter. THat says it ALL!


Congratulations Sandra!! You are such a huge inspiration to so included!!! Your first full marathon will not be your last! You'll do great and I can't wait to see pictures of you cross the finish line! :)


What an accomplishment, Sandra! Like so many who have already posted, I am inspired by your hard work and success. You have a big fan club cheering you on!



Congratulations, skinny minny! You look awesome, rain, sweat, and all. What an inspiration.

Susan Mucilli

Congratulations on an AWESOME accomplishment!

debbie nicholson

Good for you! Congrats. Debbie


Sandra, your WW and running have really transformed you into a more confident and happy person, not to mention a skinny and fit woman. I love seeing you accomplish difficult things. Thank you so much for sharing them with your friends here. You show us that anyone can do it!


damn if i'm not all choked up with tears. i swear woman you have inspired me in a way no other has in a long, long time.

way to go. i can't even imagine how proud you felt crossing that finish line and my word you look amazing.

Shari Ulrich

You look awesome, Sandra! You're such an inspiration. Can't wait to see pictures from the full marathon ~ you'll be ready!


I thought about you all afternoon & wondered how you fared. Glad it was raining & NOT hot!!! Congratulations!!!

Polar Bear

Love, Love, LOVE that picture of you seeing Matt and the girls. You look so very happy!!

What a wonderful accomplishment! I am so proud of you.



I am sitting here in tears. I am SO proud of you. Just think YOU are now part of the 1% of Americans who run half marathons. Welcome to teh club, I am so glad to have you here!

Briana's Mom

Way to go!


Congratulations! You look amazing, and you did an amazing job! You are such an inspiration!


Awesome! Congrats.


Amazing! You are. And you look incredible too. Don't forget it.


Absolutely awesome work, Sandra! You are setting an amazing example for your children!


You are awesome! You'll really be flying through the Pig in May! ;)

Two Kayaks

I know I continually tell you how proud of you I am and I wish there were stronger words to express my pride, but I am JUST SO PROUD!! I thought of you several times this afternoon and wished I could be there in the crowd to cheer you on. You epitomize courage and strength. If people only realized how HARD it is to run that far. It is a personal battle we wage step after step. I am just so darn proud. You are an inspiration.


WOW!!! I am so impressed! Congratulations! I love the note from Tahlia! You look amazing and so happy! Thanks for sharing your journey! :)

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