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Wednesday, April 06, 2011



I am so sorry, Sandra! I hope you got good news from the surgeon. Wheteher or not you run your first marathon on May 1st or not, you WILL run your first marathon someday, and that is far more than most of us will ever do! I know that doesn't help the hurt and disappointment right now. : ( Hugs to you!

Shari Ulrich

Sandra, You have accomplished SO very much; you've made so many positive changes and those things won't go away because of an injury. I hope you get good news from your surgeon today and that you'll be out running again very, very soon.


I'm so sorry Sandra. It's okay to feel down about possibly missing something so important to you. I hope there is good news at the doctor today. You have already accomplished amazing things and I'm sure you will continue to do so whether or not you can run a full marathon.
I wish hope and healing to you ...


Sorry Sandra. You've worked so hard but you're right that your health has to be number 1. Hopefully it will get better and you can run next year. I know that doesn't help now. ((hugs))

debbie nicholson

Sandra, your disappointment is so evident on your face....I feel for you. I hope you get good news today. dx


It's understandable to feel that way. Keep in mind how much this training has done for YOU. The race is just one day out of 365, and although you wanted this ONE day to show all the hard work you've done, it's already given you experiences most people don't have the motivation to accomplish. You have stepped up to the plate
-improved your overall health AND fitness!
-become a true athlete, injury and all :(
-found joy in something difficult
-worked hard through pain
-inspired many with your accomplishments!

Best thing to do is train lightly (or whatever the doctor says), maintain fitness, and be ready for whatever race you choose next! Chin up!


Sandra.....You are Awesome!! You have acomplished so much this year. I am sorry you will not be able to run the marathon this year.....but you are making the right choice.


Sandra, don't lose heart. You have set a great example for your girls and are showing them that even when things don't work out as planned, you just need to deal with the bump in the road and wait to see where God is taking you. Feel better. Hope you get some good news.


I'm really sorry. It's ok to feel disappointment. You have worked so hard over the last year towards this goal, but very glad that you are backing off and taking care of your knee.

Two Kayaks

I am so very sorry. It's the worst when our bodies don't behave in the way we expect or want. I wish I could change things for you.


I have been wondering how you're doing and glad you are updating. Hopefully the surgeon has good news - think of all that YOU and your body have accomplished this year. You may not run a marathon on May 1st - but you have already run one this year just getting to this point!


Hang in there Sandra!!! If the worst happens and you can't do the May 1st run please remember all you have accomplished this year. There will always be more marathons but you have to look after your body right now. You are an amazing person and I sorry this is happening to you right now, you have worked very hard!!! Try and enjoy your day !!!

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