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Saturday, April 30, 2011



Thought of you today. Hope it went great!


Good luck!!!!


Good luck today! You are inspiring.



You can, you are amazing!


Make that I KNOW I CAN!


Good luck tomorrow. I am so excited for you and Jazzie. I get a little teary-eyed just thinking about how proud of you she will be and what an amazing mom you are to her (and Tahlia, of course). Can't wait to see the post saying YOU DID IT!

Diana Wang

Good luck tomorrow and I will be thinking of you all morning. You are AMAZING and I so admire you and what you have accomplished this year!!!

Kathleen Denny

Fellow adoptive parent rooting for you all the way from Germany, where we currently live and work for US. You are such an amazing inspiration to me, first Jazzie, then Talia, your weight loss and now this amazing feat!!! I'll be with you in spirit and please let me know how to make a contribution. I've been following your journey with Jazzie since you were in China. All the best, you can do it!!!
Mom to Jenna (2003, Yangchun) and Kristin (Jiangxi girl, 2004)

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