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Monday, April 04, 2011


Two Kayaks

I think it's very positive that she is asking questions and is inquisitive. It shows that she is comfortable, on some level, with talking about things. It also shows that she has faith in your ability to guide her. The lifebook is an invaluable resource for her. Big hugs.


My oldest child is adopted, and is now almost 19 years old. The best advice I ever got was from a friend (and adoptee herself) who told me the first day she ever saw my baby, "Remember when she starts asking questions, that all children have questions." She encouraged me to always be honest with our daughter. I think you have done a fabulous job with your girls. The questions certainly aren't over, but your honesty will be something that your daughter will cling to in the years to come.
I think you are doing great!


Thanks for sharing this story, Sandra. I agree with Tammie; I hope I handle this conversation with as much grace someday.


You are handling this topic with such grace Sandra. I hope that I can follow in your steps when my turn comes.


Although its so hard to watch our children on this journey of self-awareness and discovery, I think you handled this situation with grace and candor.
Thanks for sharing.


Theseare tough questions but your honest and openness with Jazzie will take you far. You're doing a great job Mom! (And I'm taking mental notes for future use.)

Note to self: Begin Lifebook!


Honesty is always the best way and you handled it honestly and compassionately !!! Bravo!!!


Ja, lastig zijn dat soort vragen he, YY kan er ook wat van. En je vraagt je af of je wel de goede antwoorden geeft, nou ook jullie zijn eerlijk naar de meiden toe, dus doe je het niet gauw fout volgens mij. Maar ik herken het gevoel wel dat je je afvraagt of ze er 'vrede' mee kan hebben (met de antwoorden dan he ...).

Christine Ben Amram

Ik lees je blog elke dag, en dit maakte me aan het huilen !
Je doet het geweldig met je twee dochters !!


We had a very similar conversation at our house with our 9 year old. Just this week. Hard. Hard. Hard.

Briana's Mom

That is really tough. I'm so not ready for Briana to start realizing more and more. :(

debbie nicholson

I had butterflies reading this one, Sandra. dx

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