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Tuesday, May 17, 2011



Wat enorm ontroerend Sandra deze mooie film..wat waardevol ook voor jullie dochter..ik denk dat julle dochter geen betere ouders had kunnen wensen dan jullie..TOP!
liefs Naomi


I'm so glad you were able to spend this time with your mom and dad. Praying for your dad.

Congratulations on 8 wonderful years with your precious, sweet Jazzie!

What a wonderful blessing each of your daughters are!


I'm so happy to know that your dad's surgery went well. Bypass surgery isn't easy but it can be very successful. I know that your mom & dad were happy to have you visit them - even though it wasn't for a joyous event. May he continue to have a speedy recovery.

Congratulations on 8 years! I can't believe that we have our girls that long. What an amazing road we have traveled!


I watched this Jazzie's video dozens of times while waiting for our referral back in 2005 and 2006. It gave me so much hope and strength that, I too would one day hold my daughter in my arms. I cried everytime I saw the video back then and I still cry to this day. I love the song you have used with the video. One day I too may get my act together and create a video.


hope your Dad's surgery goes well , I'll say another Prayer for him and your family.


Happy family day, Jazzie!!! Glad you are back safe & sound.... I hope your father gets through everything safely tomorrow.....

Briana's Mom

Awwww, Happy Jazzie Day!!!


Zal verder duimen voor jouw pa en hoop dat ie gauw herstelt!
Gefeliciteerd met jullie "family day", wat een voorrecht om ouders te mogen zijn van twee zulke mooie meisjes!


Those are really sweet pictures. Congratulations on 8 years with Jazzie. :-)

I hope your dad has a smooth recovery.

Our family has a plan to travel to The Netherlands next April, primarily for Floriade, but of course, we will see much more while we are there. We can hardly wait!

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