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Sunday, May 01, 2011



You are such an inspiration!

Polar Bear


I was thinking about you on my drive to work yesterday when I realized you ran further than I drive to work and then drive back home. It's 22 miles round trip ~ Dang Girl!!! That's far!!! :O) I am so proud of you!!!


I don't comment much, but I have followed you blog for some time now! I just had to say congrats! You must be so proud! I know I am proud of you! Way to go! Cincy is my home town and I had several friend running too! I must say you are amazing! Enjoy your moment!


Congratulations, Sandra! Hope your knee heals quickly!

Two Kayaks

So very proud of you. :)

debbie nicholson

Very many congratulations from Scotland! Dx


you are a rockstar. way to go. i am in awe of your strength!

Susan Mucilli

Congratulations!!! well done.........


Congratulations!! That's awesome! I'm really proud of you and you look great! Sorry about your knee but that's wonderful that you were able to finish.


Woohooo! Congratulations Sandra! Well deserved medal. It is an accomplishment you will forever be proud of!


The look of joy & pride on your face is what it's all about. You've come so far in the last year.

Another marathon? Why not? I say go for it.


Het is gewoon waanzinnig dat je dit gehaald! Echt helemaal top!
Je kunt apetrots zijn op jezelf!

Shari Ulrich

Way to go, Sandra! I couldn't wait to check in to see how you had done. Now rest that knee and let it heal up!! I'm proud of you for your amazing accomplishment.


So very, very proud of you! I was sending you cheers from Texas yesterday morning during the race. =)



Congratulations! You are amazing.


Congratulations! You are amazing!


Congratulations Sandra - what an incredible feat you've done. There are too few people who take the time to exercise, much less actually do it and end up running a marathon. In addition, there are too few people to stop and really help a cause they feel strongly about. You've done both!

 Matt  (DH)

Sandra is playing down how deep she had to dig. Her knee really acted up. Enough that last night I had to help he up the steps and get her pants off. And this morning I had to put he socks on.

My wife she is AMAZZZZZZING


I love to see your beaming face with that medal!!! You could train for Akron in September (wink, wink)

Once you finish one, the seed is planted for the next one!



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