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Monday, May 23, 2011



Got to love those pig tails in 2007.

Sandra is correct, but understating it a bit. If you watch Tahlia's video you will see that she almost has to be pushed to go up and recieve Tahlia, and then breaks down when she touches her.


She is the cutest little girl and she was the cutest baby! Happy referral anniversary.


I remember you writing about the lack of connection once you felt comfortable admitting it aloud.

The one thing I've never told you is the immediate connection I myself felt with Tahlia. I know of very few Yangchun children who have come home. When I saw Tahlia, I immediately recognized that this room must be where the referral & update pics are taken. While we waited for Jazzie & Erin to come home together, I've always felt that Tahlia being from the same place would make it easier on Erin. She is so proud of this fact & always looks for pics of your girls but knows that she & Tahlia both come from the same place.

Happy Referral Day!


She is beautiful and super cute!!! Happy Anniversary!!!


This story breaks my heart every single year. Especially when I think of Tahlia eventually reading it on your blog. So thankful it has such a happy ending. Tahlia is an amazing little girl!!!


She is as sweet as the day we met them. Can't believe it's been 6 years already!

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