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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Briana's Mom

You have a wonderful hubby!


you are blessed!


love that he loves you so!


Does Matt give cheerleading lessons? ;-)

Having that one true special person in your life makes all the difference in the world. To have that same person really "get" you is such a plus. From what I've seen of you guys, you cheer each other on in life.


Love this! Your hubby is a sweetie and such a great cheerleader! it bad that I love the idea that he had ice cream cones on his whistle? :o)


Way to go!!! You are belessed with a wonderful family, just as they are all blessed to have you!!! Very proud. Wish we could have been there!!


What a sweet post. WTG to you, Matt and the girls. You make an awesome team!


knap hoor! Echt bewondering!

Polar Bear

YEAH!!!! Matt!!!!

How clever to have the whistle!! Love it!!

Two Kayaks

I got chills reading this post, Sandra. Every woman needs a man who will support her and cheer her on in every respect. You are blessed to have such an amazing man in your life. What a guy!!

tracy beautiful!


Yeah Matt!!!!! It always helps to see a familiar face on the route!!!


I love this post!!! It choked me up!!! I am really proud of you!!! Great job!

Love and blessings, Kristy

 Matt  (DH)

And a big "way to go" to Tahlia, who when I ask to borrow a whistle. First got me a little plastic one, then decided I needed her very best special metal one.


As someone who also has that same type of support, I totally know how important it it! Bravo to you and to Matt for promoting that you live up to your potential!!

debbie nicholson

Wow Sandra...when I read this I got all teary! What a fantastic hubby you have? I know for sure seeing him along the way helped you BIG TIME!!! Everyone should have a Matt!


Love this post!! In a world of so much negativity it just melts your heart to read such a heart warming story. I am so happy you have such a supportive cheerleader! You look absolutely glowing these days and you can just feel your joy in your photos. Congratulations on all your weight loss and you triumph of running a marathon!! Way to go! I have followed your Blog for years and it just encourages me to keep on the weight loss path after seeing your transformation!!

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