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Tuesday, June 14, 2011



You should be very proud of yourself! Your hard work paid off and you are just glowing!


Congratulations!!! You are such an inspiration! I will be rejoining WW on Tuesday (lost 45 in the past but fell off the wagon), and I can only hope I am half as successful as you have been!!!!!!! Awesome job!


i wanted to JUMP THROUGH THIS SCREEN AND HUG YOU!!!! again, as you know, you were my inspiration in joining again. i didn't message you this week as i lost my mere 0.8, but i heard your words "there will be tough weeks"- this was one of them. i didn't let it get me down, knowing (as a woman, hint hint) why this week was off :)

i am SO inspired that you are there. it gives me hope i will reach this same goal.


No you did not look like you needed to lose 100 lbs.! You have inspired me so I looked at some WW meeting times and I am joining Tues. (off every Tues) I can only hope and pray that I too will be able get me some of those charms!
Congratulations!! You look terrific!!


You look & sound amazing. Congratulations!

Diana Wang

You look wonderful. I am so proud of you. You are such a inspiration to me..


Yay for you!! Way to go -- that is such a great accomplishment!

Heather Petersen

Congrats! You should feel triumphant!


you looked great! I started watch watchers last August and had lost 40 pounds but have back slid a little and gained back 8, so you have motivated me to get back to it. When they changed to the new points plus I just lost my motivation for some reason! Now Im going to get my books back out and rejoin!


Congratulations on reaching your goal, Sandra - really impressive to lose so much weight in av year! Do you still go running every morning?


Like I've said before...inspiring!! You look fabulous Sandra!




You look awesome.....congrats. You worked really hard and you deserve every good thing to come from your journey


Huge congrats to you!! You've worked hard and it shows!


Ik blijf het verrassend vinden dat jij ZO veel bent afgevallen, want ik vond jou nooit dik! Echt niet en dan gelijk 43 kilo weg, dat is zo wat een klein mensje......
Echt wauw deze prestatie! Waanzinnig!!!
Je ziet er top uit!


You look amazing and I ma sure you feel even better than that.


I am so proud of you Sandra! You have had quite a year! I know I will be on WW starting in February!

Briana's Mom

Good for you! You look amazing!!!


Congrats Sandra! That is awesome!!!!


Two Kayaks

So proud of you, my friend. You have done a wonderful, wonderful thing for your health, for your self esteem and for your sense of worth. I am inspired by your fortitude and by your perseverance. <3

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