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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Erica Gratton

I'm ashamed to admin I have 2 extra pair I just cant bring myself to get rid of. They're like old friends.... and we have travelled many miles together..
Is that wrong? :))


isn't it amazing how you develop a relationship with your shoes? i still have one pair i won't part with though i can't run in them anymore...

here's to the next pair!


Isn't getting new shoes just the greatest feeling?!?!


Love your new buddies!


What a terrific feeling! Well done on sticking to your goals. You are an inspiration.



First, congrats on your AMAZING journey to reaching that milestone (previous post)! That is so inspiring on many levels - as a parent, for fitness, and commitment to a goal!

Second, awesome new shoes and so glad to see you have a Road ID!

Keep running, girl!

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