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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



You look great! Good Job mama!


You are such an incredible inspiration Sandra! I am back at Weight Watchers because of your posts! You should be a leader! Are there any foods, recipes etc that were your staples throughout this journey......would love it if you were to share that sometime!


Congratulations! I am also a person who has struggled with my weight since having my 2 children. Luckily I didnt gain as much with our third from China :) I have lost 60 now and can not believe the difference in myself.
Great job, you should be very proud!


Congrats! You look healthy and happy :)

I just started WW and I'm amazed at how easy the program has been!


Beautiful!! Congrats!!

Amy in NC

Congrats!!!! You're such an inspiration!!


CONGRATULATIONS!! That is an amazing accomplishment!


You look lovely and healthy!
I'm looking forward to the photos, as I've only seen you through the filter of your previous self-consciousness.
You encouraged me to join weight watchers on Jan. 31st, and I have lost 39 pounds already. After a lifetime of struggling and failure to lose/maintain, I found it difficult to believe I could really do it.
Thank you so much, Sandra!


Wow! Super job; you look amazing! I bet you feel like a million bucks:)


Sheep faced, that should have been
"Pump you up! (Clap)"
Think Saturday night live


Ok that is one hot momma.
But now it is time to put you up! (CLAP)
You dont need to loose more, toning is fine; but you have lost enough.


Congrats! You look marvelous and you are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your journey!


You look fantastic!


You my dear, should be so proud of yourself and all the hard work to get to where you are. I'm sure the journey was more rewarding than you ever imagined. You looked beautiful before your 100lb loss, but now you glow. Congrats friend!

Shari Ulrich

Wow!! 100 pounds.....way to go, Sandra!


100 pounds!!!! Absolutely amazing! Congratulations. You look wonderful.

mary campion

well done!


Congratulations from Norway! You look incredibly slim!


Congratulations, you look absolutely stunning.
Well done!


Congratulations! You should be proud of yourself, that is a HUGE accomplishment! You look terrific!!

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