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Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Glade to hear how wonderful you feel !!!


Great accomplishments!! You look wonderful and I know from reading your blog for a while that you seem much happier and confident now. You're an inspiration!

Susan Rizzo

You look fantastic great job but I always thought you were fantastic..



You really are an inspiration for those of us that struggle. You're living proof that it's POSSIBLE. Thank you for that.

And so many congratulations on your amazing accomplishments. I can see a completely different demeanor in your photos now. You look happy and confident. Good for you!


@Cheez (??)

A happy, healthy active mom can only impact her family in a positive way.

Sandra I am so proud of you!



Karen Proulx

You look amazing. I wish I had the willpower to do this. I have gained 100 pounds in the last 15 years and would love to be able to lose it. Maybe I should look into Weight Watchers.


i think you're an amazing person and mom.
but i hope the emphasis you put on being thinner = prettier and a better person does not affect your kids! you weren't uglier or a worse person before, but good for you that you are healthier now!


You look simply amazing! You have always been gorgeous (inside and out - I can tell just by reading your blog!), but now you radiate confidence and pride. Congratulations...You are such an inspiration to all! :) :) :)


Congrats on all your accomplished goals. I, however, have always thought you a beautiful person, inside & OUT. So glad you know love who you see as well.

Heather Petersen

Great job! You look amazing, you have a glow about you. :)

Briana's Mom

A total transformation! You look amazing!


I'm a lurker but want to de-lurk to say WOW!! You are a beautiful person either way but you look amazing!!! You have every right to be proud of what you achieved!!


Mary Lou

Michelle (your friend from Boardman OH) is a dear friend of mine and she has told us about your story and how you all met. She sent the link to your blog to us this monrning and after reading your story I had to pop in and say CONGRATULATIONS to you on your journey and accomplishments; both weight loss and running! You have much to be proud of and you look amazing.

You are quite an inspiration Sandra in many ways!

lorrie @ clueless in carolina

WOW......So proud of you. I mean this is AMAZING.

Rhonda McRae


What an amazing accomplishment. You look absolutely stunning.


Sandra -
I am so proud of you! I have tears in my eyes - tears of happiness for you! I am amazed at how far you have come - you are a strong woman...a new body and a runner! A HUGE acomplishment! AMAZING!


I'm just so proud of you! :)


I know exactly how you feel about those old photos; it's exactly how I feel about the old photos I feel that way about most photos of myself. We just had to have photos taken for promotional stuff at work and seeing myself staring back at me from a brochure makes my skin crawl.
I love how big your smile is in your after pictures. I hope some day I will have the same experience...just need to let myself realize it's OK to spend time for me.


I don't comment often here, but had to tonight. You look amazing! I know it didn't happen without MUCH hard work. So proud of all that hard work! You are just glowing!


Beautiful before.
Not happy with yourself.
Beautiful now.
Thrilled with yourself.

Amazing achievement! You will always be beautiful no matter what your outward appearance. However, I'm happy that you're feeling so positive about yourself. I know how hard you've worked. You deserve to be proud of yourself!

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