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Friday, August 19, 2011



ah, a lump in my throat reading this as i hear similar things from E. mostly when we are putting on her shoes, and she asks once again, 'this one will make me stand mama?'...

what we wouldn't trade to give them the whole world...

but as others have said, her wisdom will give her strength beyond her years. it already has.


Jazzie is amazing! She will certainly change the world for the better.
Blessings and hugs


I think her tenacity is another super power. What Jazzie has achieved it simply amazing and I know she has been an inspiration to others. I know that doesn't make not being able to hear any easier at this point in her life but I hope that some day she will find satisfaction in the example and influence she is and can be.


That has to be hard to hear. Jazzie has always been so self-aware and insightful. That almost makes it harder ;) She's a wonderful girl.


((hugs)) to your big girl. She is wise beyond her years.

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