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Friday, September 23, 2011


Rachel Morin

Amazing little girl. When our daughter Sophie is old enough i will show Sophie Jazzie's storey. Because she is not alone. Both in regards to adoption and being deaf. Thank you for sharing all the storeys. Hopeing to have Sophie implanted by next month. keep your fingers crossed..


Isn't it incredible to look back & see the progress? I always am startled at how far we've come when I talk to parents of very newly implanted kids & what their expectations can & should be. It's still work, even today, but the future looks so bright now.


While doing both implants at the same time is NOW considered standard procedure for bilateral deaf children, when Jazzie had her first implant done, it was still experimental at that time. In fact, the AMA had just approved them for children 2 years old, now down to 1 year or maybe younger. Also, the wait time has dropped a lot, Jazzie had to wear digital hearing aids for 6 months to prove they would not help.


That really is amazing, and Jazzie is amazing too!

Rhonda McRae

it's wonderful that technology has enabled Jazzie to hear. And absolutely amazing she has bounced back from 2 surgeries, and worked so hard to fit in so perfectly into the hearing world (you've commented before most people don't even realize she is deaf). Truly an amazing girl you have!


Wow :) I am hopefully going to go bilateral one day if NICE( the decision makers in the UK) approves bilaterals for adults over 19.

Jazzie is amazing!


Why didn't she just have them implanted at the same time during her first surgery?

Julie W.

Wow....amazing image of the two implants! My daughter has one implant and just the other day we were talknig about how, in her lifetime, she will probably have to have the inner component replaced. She was quite upset at the thought of having surgery, but we assured her that it would be ok. Your daughter is amazing and has done SO well...she should be so proud of herself...and you (and her entire family) should be proud of yourself for helping along the way. I know I am proud of her and don't even know her except from this blog....but if it helps, let her know that she has been quite an inspiration to a family in Indiana for several years now...(no pressure of course LOL!)

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