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Thursday, September 15, 2011



Owwww ... pittig joh ... YY komt ook wel eens met dat soort dingen. Laatst bijvoorbeeld dat ze niet wist of ze wel verder wilde. Want "het is echt niet leuk als je je hele leven niet weet wie je echte moeder is en moet zoeken hoor!!!".


I can only imagine the heartache you must be feeling and poor Jazzie, having these uncontrollable thoughts and feelings. I don't know the answers, other than keep reassuring her that you are a Forever Family. Open communication. The other readers had some good suggestions.


I absolutely hate that Jazzie is going through this. Unfortunately, IMO, I believe that many if not all adoptees go through this at some point in time.

There are so many resources out there to help Jazzie. I'm sure you & Matt have been looking into them. Do you have a close FCC group? Maybe some of the parents have ideas.


Wat een denkertje is jullie meiske. Hartverscheurend. Toch denk ik dat zij er wel komt, want zij praat er over, denkt er over na en stopt het niet weg.
Dat zij zichzelf beschermt is begrijpelijk, maar misschien is het ook nu een fase die bij haar leeftijd hoort, weer een stapje naar het volwassen worden.
Bijzonder dat je dit allemaal met ons wilt delen. Dankjewel!

Kelley O

This made my heart hurt. My sweet girl is four and has had a very heavy heart too. At night before she goes to sleep she tells us a secret "No one is going to take me back to Vietnam, I am going to stay with you forever." Kills me everytime.

Sometimes I hate my blonde hair and green eyes...

Twomunchkins in HB

I don't know the answer but I would go approach it this way. I would go meet with her teacher and ask if she notice anything unusual at school. Then I would ask the school psychologist on what you have shared with us and ask her how you and Matt can help her right now. Sometime we need an expert in this field to give us some helpful hints as to know how to handle situation like this.

I know my oldest (she is now 13) have gone through this but not to the extreme as Jazzie. Be strong and know we are there for you.


That is very heartbreaking. It is a good reminder for those of us that have kids to be prepared for these conversations down the road.


I sounds more like she's concerned about if you had to give her that right? My girls worry about what would happen to them if something happened to me. Being a single parent, it is more of a worry than if you have 2 parents. Last year, I was unexpectedly in the hospital after emergency surgery & although they were very scared, the plan worked. My girls know there is a plan in place. They will always be well taken care of & by people they already know & love, if for some reason, I can not.
Does Jazzie know the plan if something happened to you & Matt? Maybe that would ease her mind a bit, especially if she had some input??

Shari Ulrich

Oh, that just makes my heart hurt. My Abby is 8, in November we'll have the 8th anniversary of our family day. She keeps things pretty much to herself and I often wonder what's going around in that little head. We know they have to process how they got here to us and we know they have to question why they were abandoned......if only our LOVE was enough.

Carol Lawrence

I read this and immediately thought of this blog

She has some adoptee books, and she runs some adoptee groups I think for preteens, etc.

Wanted to post it in case you haven't seen it and it can help.

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