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Thursday, September 08, 2011



I used the Rachael Ray brand broth since it was low sodium and no fat. Also used the baby food yellow squash and turned out great! Thank You!


Made this for my girls tonight- delicious! I used leftover rotisserie chcicken, and I cheated a little and used frozen squash puree- still added nice flavor. Thanks for sharing, and would love to hear more recipes from you!!


Sounds delish! I can almost smell it!


This looks so good. I can't wait to try it. Thank you.


I can almost smell this delicious soup from here (I'm in Germany!!!)!
My girls love soup and noodles so this is going to be next week's dinner on "Soup" night!!! I've started reading some food blogs where folks post their weekly menus, I'd love to see yours if you are game! Sure you saw today's news from the scientific community about WWs success!!! I've almost finished my first week, now must start to add the exercise piece. I'm hoping to make REAL CHANGE this year as I'm using the online option since I'm in Germany and no English group in my area---my German--not so good right now. I'm keeping your blog handy as motivation and also for all the great recipes you share. Thanks again!

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