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Thursday, October 27, 2011



At this age it is so important for children to be just like everyone else. Their perception of being different is hard on them. When we moved to Long Island, the school recognized that I have a speech impediment & put me into therapy. I was the youngest person in my grade by a full year, smarter than most of the kids in my class & being given a very tough time by the kids because I was new to the school. Years later I realized how valuable my therapy was. While I was going through it, I gave my parents a hard time.

You are doing what is right for Jazzie, & she needs to deal with it. I know that sounds harsh, but in the end, she will realize that you are doing what is best for her. Either way, Jazzie will succeed at any challenge that comes up because you are showing her to never back down.

BTW, now that I am back in school, I can you that there are plenty of hearing people who need speech therapy. I don't understand how schools down here are letting people go through school without seeing & treating these issues.


She is precious! At this age all the girls want to be the same. She sounds like she is progressing well ... yay Jazzie!

mary campion

You know, nothing will EVER stand in that child's way.
She is tenacious and determined and will most likely always be.
It is a great source of pride for her.


I posted on FB too. Lindsi's speech therapist helps with vocab building as you mentioned & also writing strategies. Seems like they struggle with the same issues.

Lindsi has 4 deaf kids in her mainstreamed class this year. One is her best friend since she was 3 (imagine Jazzie & Sophie together), so her pull outs do not isolate her as much.

Lindsi gets pulled out 2 X a week for 30 min & has 1 afterschool session for 30 min each week.


Love it!! :)

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