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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Lose Fat

wow, What a nice change!i am totally astonished to look it possible! now this time i can't believe nice change congrats and take it up.


Did I hear correctly, did you say 111 lbs? Wow! You go girl!

Two Kayaks

You are a complete inspiration and I'm so happy that you have found yourself. The light you have in your eyes is undeniable. So proud of how far you've come and so proud to be your friend.

Shari U

Way to go, Sandra! You were beautiful before, but you look so much more confident now. I'm happy for you that you've achieved your goal.


Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!! You have had an AMAZING year, my friend!!


I'm so proud of you! What a year it has been. :)

Twomunchkins in HB

Wooohooo - congratulations and keep up the positive feeling. I can see the tranformation and you do look healthy.


Happy Birthday and congratulations on You success!!!!


You rock. Simply rock and keep on rockin'

Keep smilin!

P.S. I love hearing your accent. It is faint and subtle but after years of hearing many german accents, I can pick yours up.

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