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Sunday, November 27, 2011



I can so see Tahlia being a baker...she looks like a Natural. Sounds like some good Quality time spent together. We recentlyt watched Home Along 2 (or 3), but the girl's haven't watched the original yet. We also watched Mrs Doubtfire, which they thought was funny.....

Two Kayaks

You simply cannot beat rainy day cookie-making! We did this on Friday night and it was the first time I let the twins "help" with a hand mixer. They did great!


Hey Sandra. I havent stopped by for ages...its been great to spend a cold, wind wet Sunday in Scotland catching up with your blog!


mmmmmmm, het water loopt me in de mond!!! Zien er heerlijk uit die koekjes!
En Home Alone 1??? Zoooooooooo geestig. Ik vind al die kerstfilms zo geweldig rond deze tijd, kan ik echt van genieten!
Elf is ook zo'n lieve film en "it almost wasn't Christmas" ook!
Enne.... ik zou toch eens vragen of ze jou niet vanuit Nederland wat Nederlands servies gaan sturen!! Maakt de koekjes nog lekkerder!

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