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Thursday, December 08, 2011



I love this! I can remember when I read about their stories and see the Tahlias home coming...

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Love you tree and your fireplace (and of course Dr. Jones too) !

Cute! I hope your holidays are fantastic. :)


Adorable!! Good job Jazzie


Very sweet.....Lindsi is getting one of those for Christmas from her aunt. I think I see a lot of videos in our future as well.

Great speaking Jazzie!!


Could she be any cuter?! What a great video!


I think it's wonderful that Jazzie wants to let Jack know about her & Tahlia's adoption & birthparents. Knowing that she reads your blog & loves it must tell you how important it is to her.


OMGosh...I L O V E this:)
She is truly 1 amazing little girl!!! I love listening to her talk. Jack is a lucky little boy to have a wonderful little Aunt looking out for him!!


What a precious keepsake! I love to hear Jazzie's confidence and positive outlook about her adoption!


oh my word.....I'm speechless! How amazing is that?? D


This just amazing!!

mary campion

She has such confidence and connection with her grandparents even though they live so far away. They must have done a wonderful job of assuring her comfort and love; very blessed.

Shari Ulrich

Oh, that is the cutest and sweetest thing EVER! How precious to hear her give advice about being adopted. That makes me want to run out and get a flip for Abby's for Christmas.


She is amazing! I love how confident she is talking about her adoption. It must feel great to know she L.O.V.E.'s your blog ;)


This is precious! I see NewsJournalist in her future! She could be the first deaf Anchor! That would be SO awesome! Just hearing her speak still brings tears to my eyes!


That was so sweet, especially when I recall how upset she was about Jack in the beginning. And, it is AMAZING how well she speaks. Cochlear implants are incredible and so is she!

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