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Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Rebecca Kavel

She looked so cute when she was a kid! Now, she's turning into a beautiful lady… Belated happy hearing birthday Jazzie! You're lucky to have such a wonderful family, especially your loving mom. :)


Yes, Jazzie is amazing, so is her mama. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

Karen PUtz

Happy birthday to Jazzie! Here's to many more!


Oh wow! What a day to celebrate! Happy Hearing Day Jazzie!


What a happy celebration! Congratulations Jazzie! I know how hard these little ones work to hear and talk! We are approaching Nathan's first hearing birthday. That first moment when they hear sound is amazing. Jazzie has amazing speech (watched some of your videos!). That is not easy - she has done a lot of work to get there!


A day of great celebration for your AMAZING daughter!

Happy 8th Hearing Day Jazzie!!


Happy Hearing Day Jazzie!
Love your blog , writing about your life with daughters!

They are so amazing too, growing in everyone ;)
Ofz, Jazzie will be successful for her career with her implants in the future!

I cannot hear well and not speak well with a implant. Never can reach my dreams with my implant in my whole life.

So I hope she will be happy with them^^!
Add oil ^^ (Fighting!)


Kathy Eason

Happy Hearing Day Jazzie. Set your sights and goals high and aim for the moon,anything is possible. Glad all is going well.
My niece adopted from China is profoundly deaf and wears hearing aids, when they brought her home she was healthy and had no issues. They say hers is genetic and may need to go to the cochlear implant if hers gets any worse. If she doesn't have the hearing aids on she can hear nothing.

Two Kayaks

What a beautiful day to celebrate! I hardly remember that Jazzie is deaf. She breaks through all the boundaries before her.


Absolutely, Jazzie IS amazing! I have some knowledge of the implant, and Jazzie's speech is excellent. How proud you must be of her :-)

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