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Thursday, February 02, 2012



Get them both!
I like the first one best, get the second one for a date night. ;)


You look gorgeous in both dresses but LOVE #2
YOu look fabulous !!!!!!!!!

Danny Riddell

You looked more fabulous as your body became more fit. Shopping for clothes would also be easier because of that The better the figure, the easier it will be to shop for outfits.


DEFINATELY the first one!!!! It gives you a little lift and makes you look younger plus it's just as sexy, if not more, in my opinion!!! You go girl!!! CONGRATS on the weight loss! You look FAB!!! Stephe


I saw wear the flapper dress since it fits with the theme and save the other dress that for a special date night when you want to look extra foxy.

Twomunchkins in HB

I like the first one - I like the "blink" "blink".

Mary Martin-Williams

You look as fabulous as you obviously feel! Both dresses look fantastic, but I too would vote for #1 if pressed... Love the bling around the neckline and the layers that fit the theme. Either way, I am sure you will have a wonderful time!


Both are beautiful but I think you look absolutely stunning in the second one - stunning!


First one, definetly! You look wonderful :)


They are both great but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the second one! Looks amazing!!

Mary in Saint Louis

WOW! You look great! Can't believe the difference from a couple of years ago... you truly look amazing. I vote for the flapper dress, though you look awesome in the other one too.


Wow -- you look gorgeous in both, but think I like number 1 a teensy bit better! What does Matt think?


I would definitely go for number one!


I vote for the first dress as well. It fits the theme perfect and just looks like such a fun dress. Have a great time at the fundraiser!


You look great in both but if you're looking for input I'd go with the first one for sure! Very flattering and it suits the theme of the night perfectly!


Shame their isn't the possibility of a dress change half way through the evening because you look gorgeous in both.


I agree with the others the first one is perfect for you. The other one looks a bit revealing. I like dresses that are beautiful and classic. The first one nails those criteria.
You look great BTW!!! Good for you in taking a healthy approach to life and setting a wonderful example for your lovely girls!
Blessings from CA,
PS Keep the tasty recipes coming!

Rhonda McRae

you look absolutely stunning in both of them!!


You look FABULOUS Sandra!!! :):):) You are such an inspiration!!! They both look great on you....but I think I like the nexkline on the top one best also. Have fun!


While the second one is so super sexy, I like the first one. I LOVE! LOVE the neckline on the first! Good luck. So much fun for you. The rewards of all your hard work....

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