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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Michelle Martin

Oh my gosh! Love this... so sweet and smart, that girl of yours. <3


Brought tears to my eyes. As a Mom of a Deaf son just starting out on his CI journey it is heart warming to see these children. Jazzie did an amazing job!

Rhonda McRae

how wonderful...Jazzie was so composed and clear on camera (I recently had to be on TV a few times as a green spokesperson for Whirlpool, it was terrifying and I wasn't nearly as clear and composed as Jazzie LOL!!).

What a wonderful thing to be able to hear your child speak so clearly and know she is deaf. You would never know from listening to Jazzie speak she has any sort of hearing impairment.


Great job by Jazzie! She was so poised!


Wow! Jazzie spoke with such confidence and poise. Great job!


That's so awesome. Jazzie is so intelligent and showed it to all of Cincinnati! OVV does amazing things and I always recommend it! :)


What a wonderful job she did!!


She did so well being interviewed. She's so mature for her age.
It's great to see the school on the news so everyone can find out how great it is.


Jazzie, you are a superstar! You were Great!


Sounded great. I bet she was excited to see that & I know you are very proud!!! Good Job Jazzie!!

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