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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Rebecca Kavel

Her first time experience is really a moving story… =( I couldn’t blame you for crying, especially because you were there to see her hear in the water. How did you learn about those products, btw? She’ll probably love to get into the water more now that’s summer’s around the corner! ^^,

Michal Dillon



I got tears in my eyes watching - and Amelia was in awe - she loves water and was so fascinated by Jazzie hearing it for the first time. When I explained that Jazzie didn't like to go to the pool because she couldn't hear her friends talking Amelia got this look of joy in her face like she understood how much it meant to Jazzie. Thank you for sharing Jazzie's joy!

Briana's Mom

I have tears in my eyes. What an amazing moment for all of you!


You my friend are BRAVE.....did you just do one or both?


I'll admit it. I've waited a few days to watch the video. I knew I'd cry. I just didn't know how much or how hard. Erin came over to see what was making me cry. The look of joy on Jazzie's face. The sound of the excitement in her voice. Erin didn't realize that Jazzie wasn't able to hear in the water so I explained the cochlear implant to her again. We both think it's pretty awesome!

BTW, I love how Matt explained everything to Jazzie. Very reminiscent of David explaining things to Erin.

Somehow, I think summertime is going to take on a whole new meaning for Jazzie. :-)


The things we take for granted!! How inspiring. :)


later zal zij weten hoe bevoorrecht zij is geweest om bij jou en Math te komen. OP te groeien met waanzinnige mogelijkheden, maar ook op te groeien in een omgeving waar ZO van haar gehouden wordt.
Je schrijft vaker dat zij worstelt het met het feit dat zij geadopteerd is, maar ik hoop dat zij zich op een gegeven moment realiseert hoe goed zij het heeft getroffen.
Haar biologische moeder hield vast heel veel van haar om haar de kans te geven bij jullie op te groeien. En jullie houden nog meer van haar en proberen haar ondanks een klein handicap zo gewoon mogelijk op te laten groeien.
Wat een geweldig moment vandaag! Wens jullie nog meer van zulke mooie momenten!


Wow!!!! I'm crying just watching this! It reminds me how much I take for granted. Precious moments!

Are you going to send that video to ths losack bag company! Sure you'll make their day!

Rhonda McRae

that's amazing!! how great of you to think of such a creative use for those bags...and how wonderful for Jazzie to experience something totally new and fun.

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