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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


A safe and leg-friendly vein treatment is the use of a leg wedge pillow between your legs for prevention and healing pain and swelling. The elevation this type of pillow can give you, whether on your left side, the most highly recommended sleeping position for varicose vein patients, or any position you like to lie on, allows the free flow of blood and oxygen through your leg veins, and the diminish of pressure in your lower limbs.

Shari Ulrich

You look great, Sandra and you have pretty legs. I was just wondering....why are the veins more pronounced on the right leg and are they an issue on the left as well? Do they know what caused the swelling and why that created more veins? I hope you have a good results with a quick recovery and that you can be proud of those legs you've worked so hard to make all shapely!


Happy Healing........


I hope you are not too sore.....I know you will be back running soon. Get lots of rest, Sandra.


would love to know what is involved in this as I has the same leg as you... what is the pain like? what chance do they say of them coming back?

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