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Tuesday, August 21, 2012



I love the tradition that your family has! There are so few people in David's family that I don't think they could imagine it. Unfortunately, my side of the family is spread out all over the US.

Your pictures are great as always. My fave pics? The ones with you in them! You are so comfortable with yourself now. It shows in every aspect of your life. Yay you!

Kim Warren

Looks like everyone had a great time.


echt een mooie traditie zo'n jaarlijkse familiedag!
Normaal logeren jullie dan toch ook ergens dat het een heel weekend is of niet?
Mooi verslag weer!


Great post, Sandra. I love that last photo, it could easily win a competition! My family use to do this kind of thing regularly but as the years have gone by, its dwindled, I find it very sad :(
But you guys look like you had lots of fun - thanks for sharing!


So nice that you can get together like this.....

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