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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


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We has this last year at my daughter's school. Kindergarten no less. She was in tears also because we opted out. They had some company come to the school and took the kids out of class for an assembly to hawk their junk. I was furious. I had to explain to my daughter that we would write a check directly to PTO instead of asking other people for money to support the school - our family doesn't ask other people for money. I also explained to her that this company took a part of the donations for profit. This went on constantly the whole year in one form or the other. My son is in middle school and they just ask for donation - no selling. It is a calculated ploy by these organizations because they know the little ones will cry to their parents and it will cause pressure for the parents to participate. I informed the principal that I thought it was a completely shameful thing to do to small children. I was furious that a precious 5 year old would come home "indoctrinated" by an organization - and I had no control over it!!! This was one of the main reasons we chose to send her to private school this year. They obviously fundraise, but it is done through parental involvement - not pressuring small children to raise money for their school. I know it might sound like I am overreacting, but I was outraged that the public school had the ability to take my 5 year old out of class and pressure her with promises of a t-shirt and rubber arm bands to ask other people for money!! (they wanted the kids get people to sponsor them to run a 1/4 mile around a track at the school!!) It is completely OUTRAGEOUS! Sorry I just had to vent - I am still mad about it.


Agreed. I cannot stand all the fundraisers that come home. We do not do them either.
I too would be happy to write a check.
Stay strong!


I feel so bad for all the kids. There's so much pressure for so many things and the last thing they need is more of it from forced fundraising. The schools talk so much about trying to stamp out bullying but then turn around and do things like this that encourage it. It's pretty awful to tell a kid they won't get a prize or get to be with their friends at a party if they don't sell enough.
Last I checked kids went to school to be educated not to learn to be salespeople.
Good for you for speaking your mind! Things will never change if brave parents don't stand up to say how ridiculous this whole thing is.


Been there, both as a parent and classroom teacher. I disliked it greatly.

The worst was when my first grade son came home, hyped by an assembly, saying that he was going to sell enough spices to get his own TV. He cried all evening and all the way to school the next day. He teacher kindly accepted our declining to sell, but it was still very awkward.

Our best fundraiser became small groups of teachers volunteering to work in the concessions booths at the ball park ten nights a year - Go Diamondbacks! It was voluntary, somewhat fun, and no students or parents were pressured or humiliated.

Stick to your guns. :-)


Good for you! As a teacher currently on leave, I know this happens all too often and it's maddening. I can't stand it. The amount of fundraising that goes on is ludicrous! And the style of fundraising drives many teachers nuts as much as it does many parents. Now, as a parent of an almost 20 month old, I know what the future holds and will be taking the same stand that you're taking now. Again, good for you!!! Thalia might not understand it now, but one day she'll appreciate it.


As a former teacher, I remember these well. The PTO or student council or whatever group brings in the sales team, is generally completely ignorant of your concerns, and is really looking for a way to "build school spirit" and get the cash. Personally, I agree with you 100%; way to stick up for your beliefs and instill them into your children.


I am so shocked at reading this Sandra....and although our little girl is only 2 and obviously not at school yet, I have never heard of schools doing this kind of thing here in the UK.

I would react exactly the same way as you have!!


I agree! When my girls were in public school, we did not participate in fund raisers either.


Long time lurker de lurking.

Well done you for standing firm on this. This type of social pressure makes me mad. It is so exceptionally unfair and shouldn't be allowed.

Google penguin lanyard and there are many pretty lanyards that might lessen the sting for your youngest that only cost a few pounds. If she is desparate for one that is. She will appreciate the stand you took when she is older.



Wow, you are singing my song. Our elementary and intermediate schools do this same type of thing big time! I can only tell you it gets a little better in middle and high school. Then they just come right out and ask you for the "donation", which I'm happy to give when I have it. Most of the time though it becomes the group (band, sport teams, etc) that are in charge of their own fundraising efforts, which is much better for me. I want my kids to go to school to learn, but not to become door to door salesmen.


Well said and well done for sticking up for what you believe in. Coincidentally the very same ridiculous fundraiser x2 was sent back with my girls yesterday...BLANK!

Jennifer C

I agree. I refuse to participate in any of the selling stuff fundraisers at my daughters school. I threw theirs away the day they came home with it. My daughters only had to sell 5 things to get to go to the assembly or something like that, but with 2 daughters its really 10 things. I was the PTO co president last year and the amount of money made by these sales is not even worth the time and effort. For our school the money was used to buy something for a classroom and not something for the whole school. We also have an upcoming sale for cookie dough and I will not do be doing that one either. The best fundraiser I found that I was disappointed with our school for not promoting was a discount card. It was a card that had 20 different local businesses that would offer discounts you could use for a year. The card was $10, but $7 of every card bought went to the school. Easy and sellable fundraiser that had no pressure. Good for you guys for standing up.

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