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Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Joseph Carr

I also treat myself with a yogurt snack once a week. I mix it up with strawberry and banana or other fruits which I feel like eating. Aside from its nutritional value, I definitely agree that it can give you enough energy for the whole day. So, grab yourself a yogurt now!


Ah! Now I see why you're yogurt is 3 points. I used 1T of lemond curd & 1T of almonds. Now I can make the adjustment! BTW, this was awesome!!

Please share more of your yogurt finds.


Love the idea of the lemon curd added to it! Just brilliant!


Oh Lord, please do a Greek yogurt post. I usually have Greek yogurt in the morning because it's easy to "grab-and-go" when I'm running out the door to work, and also because it has a ton of protein and can tide me over for a while. In addition, I like eating it before a workout for the reasons you said. However, I'm getting SO SICK OF IT. I need new ideas for spicing it up because I can barely stomach it now!


Great idea Sandra!

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