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Monday, November 19, 2012



We have two at the orthodontist, they actually look forward to the visits as each patient chair has it's own IPad!
Maybe just maybe a dentist/dr appt doesn't count towards missing school? ours don't take away from perfect attendance!
Jazzie is beautiful inside and out, a happy smile!


My goddaughter is going through the same thing. I think Kerri & Jazzie have a great sense of perspective.

Debbie Nicholson

Jazzie is so her sense of humour!


Jazzie sounds just like my daughter. She will have had 12 teeth (including 4 permanent teeth when they finally come in) pulled by the time they put her braces on. Her front tooth is sideways. Jazzie is beautiful now and will be beautiful with braces.


Dear Jazzie!

Having braces that early is a relief!!! Believe me!
When you are done, you will be a teenager. Even more pretty then you already are.
A lot of boys will fall in love with you and guess what? You will not have any kissing problems, because your braces are gone by that time and all the other girls just started.....
You will be the prettiest teenager they have ever seen with an awesome smile!



She's awesome! We should all be bold and brave enough to ask questions like that of our doctors.

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