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Friday, January 25, 2013



Braces can cause a lot of pain!!! Her skull bones have already been through trauma with the cochlear surgery, so I'd guess that she's experiencing more than the average level of pain. Finding a talented craniosacral therapist (with at least 3years training) might help lessen her pain and transition more easily. Also, a quick "scrub" with an ice cube (less then 50 seconds) on the jaw muscles might reduce soreness and pain. Your love and concern are so valuable; keep up the good work, Mom!


I'm so sorry Jazzie's hurting. It is hard to get through to them that you're not torturing them for your pleasure, that there is a legitimate reason for the pain. Lily made it through her extractions a few weeks ago (thanks for your help). We go back to the ortho this week and I think she'll get her expander wires out for a couple of years until he puts braces on.I hope Jazzie feels better soon. :)


Occasional reader here.

I had braces as a teen and one thing I learned is to eat right after you get them tightened each month, because your mouth will be sore soon thereafter.

Also, when the doctor says no bubble gum or caramel, he means it... wow... what a mess! LOL.

Maybe if Jazzie made some sort of monthly calendar where she could mark off every time she went back, that would help her see that it will end one day.


I had them from age 9 to age 11, off for about a year and a half, and then on again from age 13 to 15 The original plan was one year on, one year off, and one year back on again, but it ended up getting waaaayyyyyy stretched out. I actually liked having braces. It made me feel "older" and like a teenager, hahaha. The pain and soreness when you first get them on (and when you get them tightened/adjusted every month) is not the most enjoyable thing ever. :/ Neither is having wires come off and poke you in the mouth! That being said, my smile is absolutely my favorite feature on my whole body, so it was TOTALLY worth it!!! It's hard to see the future when you're 10, though. :)


I had braces for a year and a half. I never had too bad of a time with them, but everyone is different. Remind her how much fun it will be to pick colors every time she goes back :) And she gets to show them off to her friends :)Its worth it to have straight teeth! ;)


It is hard! My dd just turned 14 and she started with the expander about 3 years ago. Her mouth looked very similar to Jazzie's. And her behavior after getting the original expander was similar. She wouldn't even talk for 2 or 3 days. I was horrified at what I had done. =(

She has a very low tolerance for pain so the ortho has taken everything extremely slow. She'll be getting her braces off in about 5 more months, so a total of 3.5 years in appliances and braces.

Was it worth it? YES She smile is stunning now. She has complained the entire time, mostly around wire changing time when her mouth is sore. She still won't admit to me that it was worth it but *I* know it was. People pay attention to how your teeth look. None of this makes what you are going through easier. It stinks that your sweet girl is in pain. Hang in there. It will get better. : )


Poor kid!!! Went through retainers and braces when I was her age. Been through the tooth pulling too. Message for Jazzie - It does get better!!! Hang in there!!! :-)

Briana's Mom

I had braces for two years (I had a huge overbite) and was 9 when I first had them put on. I still remember the pain and discomfort. Every time I had to get them tightened, I was miserable for a few days. But I got a great smile out of it in the end. Totally worth it. She will realize it eventually. :)

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