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Monday, May 06, 2013


Debbie Nicholson

Congrats make it look easy and "dare I say" enjoyable?? :)

I tried to take up running a few years ago (and you gave me some encouraging words at the time!) but I could never manage to get grab an hour to do it...I know, big excuse!

However, a friend and neighbour has persuaded me to start the "couch to 5K" this week, so far so good....but we will see how it goes.

And you look great Sandra, its obvious you are keeping your weight off. GREAT!!!

I would love to know if you still attend WW meetings?

Ps your little grand -daughter is ADORABLE!!!


I am starting my first running program with my personal trainer in a few days. I am starting first goal is to finish a 5K. I am definitely not a runner. I've tried many times and failed. I am hoping to get beyond the mental block and become a runner at last! This post is very inspiring!!

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