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Sunday, July 28, 2013



This is so sad, I have been reading this blog since mid-2012 and I've gone back to read older posts. It's so amazing how you've kept the blog for 8 years. :']
I have a blog too and it was about my brand new puppy but then she grew older [if you go back to my first post on the blog, she is 8 weeks old].
Now the blog is shared between me and her and I hoped never to give up on it.
I wish you the best for the future, it's been almost 2 months! [1 day left til 2 months]
It would be so cool to post when they graduate or something. They have grown so quickly!
Jasmine and Tahlia will grow up to be great people!

Kathy Eason

We will miss following along with you as your girls grow. Love reading your blog. Happy Birthday Jazzie.


Belated Happy Birthday! We're in the market for an electric pencil sharpener and I'm trying to guess from the photo which one Jazzie got. Does she like it?


Happy Belated Birthday Jazzie. She seems so grown up! I absolutely love that she wanted a pencil sharpener and science book for her birthday.

Debbie Nicholson

Happy Birthday Jazzie!!!


Happy birthday to your 11 year old. Wow, 11, that went by fast.

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