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Monday, August 05, 2013



Wat jammer ... het was zo leuk om te lezen van een NLse overseas en ook nog met mooie chinese prinsesjes ....

Het gaat jullie goed en wellicht komen we elkaar nog eens tegen 'op het net'.

Groetjes, Agnes.


Beetje late reactie ... maar ik was je blog 'kwijt', oude computer gecrasht ... nu jullie weer gevonden. Jammer dat je bent gestopt. Maar het houdt een keertje op. Ik vond het heerlijk om jullie te volgen. Een NLse in Amerika, twee chinese dochters etc.

Het gaat jullie goed, en wie weet komen we elkaar op een ander moment nog eens tegen op het internet.

Groetjes, Agnes.

Carol Youngs

Hi, Sandra, I don't know if you are still on the blog or not but I've been told I could benefit from a cochlear implant at the ripe old age of nearly 59! I am looking to you for some info but I still have some hearing..
Carol Youngs


I hope you decide to start a new blog. Enjoy and the road must end.


I'm also sad to see this end. I was excited reading about the two girls, and your experiences with: a special needs child (I'm fascinated by sign language and taught myself a little), adoption, and running half marathons.


Thanksnabout blog, i have read you family journal a mong time..If I remember right you did have some other blog that I read even before Tahlia came to the family. I am from Finland and people doesnt keep so many adoption blogs so that how I found your blog that I try to found some information life after the child has come to the family.

Linda S.

I stumbled across your blog shortly after you started it and just as we were beginning the paper chase for our first daughter in 2006. We now have two little girls from China that join my much older step children, much like your own family. I have greatly enjoyed reading about your family over the years and will miss it very much. Please do start a health and fitness related blog. Your journey has inspired my own and I will miss your updates. Thank you for sharing.

Laurie Den Bleyker

I have enjoyed following your family over the years. I've been following from just before Jazzie went into Kindergarten. She is a very inspirational girl. Tahlia seems so good natured and is just a little older than my daughter. Thank you for your help a couple years ago when I was planning our "China Family" reunion in Cincinnati. Best wishes for your future.


I've used Blurb's program BookSmart to make blog books for years. It works well.

I will miss your blog! I wish you all well.


Good luck - I too brought mine down a couple of months ago. It got to a point that I don't have anything to write about my two munchkins. Now I am on Facebook more.


P.S. The cutest blog on the block does book blogs too!!


Aw! Im so sad! I wish you and the girls lots of more happy times : ) I suggest making the blog private, were only you can access it. God Bless!


I have printed my blog for years with Blog2Print and the books are great, my girls enjoy reading them each year. If you use them please feel free to use my email as I receive credits, but that is not why I am sharing this company with you, I personally love their books!
I too will be so sad to see your blog close, I have followed you since Jazzie came home! Blessings to your family and please do share if you make a cooking blog!


Thank you for all you have shared. I have enjoyed following along for many years now. All the best to you all, a lovely family.

Rui Xuan Ang

I've been following your blog for about 2 years now, and I'll miss all of it :/ I can relate to Jazzie quite a bit because I have severe-profound hearing loss, and have a cochlear implant too - reading your blog posts on your girls, it's as if I'm growing up right along with them (turning seventeen next February haha)! It's been fun, and all the best for the future ^_^


Awe.....I'll miss you! I have followed you forever. I love seeing what the girls are up to. You helped prepare me while I waited almost seven years to bring my own daughter home. We have been home for 19 months...she was two in January.

I'm going to have to go through and quickly copy some of your recipes I like! I don't want to lose those!!!

As for converting your blog into a book, check out They have lots of different options for making books. I'm not sure if that's one of them but check them out. I know it's might have to google it! ;-)

Big hugs to you and the girls!

Paula & Keira from Ottawa, Canada


Thank you for letting me share all of this for such a long time. I have been following you since our first adoption process started in 2006. You and everything you have writen about Jazzies hearing issues was of great importance when we desided to pursue the adoption of our first child who was a waiting child. Now we have two kids and we are so happy with our first decision. I guess everything good has to come to an end. I can understand your decision. Wishing you all well. Greatings from Finland.


This news has made me sad, but i understand. I have been a silent reader from 2006 and have enjoyed reading about your girls and watching them grow along the years. They will surely be missed. Your transformation during your journey to healthy living hss been particularly amazing. Oh, I really must hunt for a pic of ur kitchen. Have always loved its design and have been hoping that we have enough to remodel, oursoyis it will somewhat be inspired from it. All the best in life to u n ur family. Love from Malaysia x


I will miss this blog. I logged on 3 times a week to read it and it's been fun. I sure will miss the family. I want you to stay or make a blog on you. It makes me feel happy when I read it because it's always so much fun and well, I can't wait to see how life is for your family in some years time. I sure will miss this family. The blog is the only way for me to know you and your beautiful girls.
You have helped me realise how lucky someone can be when they adopt a child.
I have a puppy and I blog about her. In January 2013. I made a decision to close the blog, but well... look at it now :) I have continued because I know there's someone out there who reads it. You have many followers to this blog and I was one of them since 2012. I hope the best for you and your family's future :')


Will miss reading your blog! Have followed along since you met your sweet Jazzie! Take care.


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