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Saturday, July 05, 2014



What a blessing to visit Thalia's SWI! The poster made me tear up too! I pray her birth parents will see it an have peace knowing their baby girl is doing so well an is so loved!

Off to read more!

Kim from Kansas

I really enjoyed reading this. I'm so glad the girls got to go back to their "homeland" and see where they came from. I'm adopted from South Korea and was fortunate that my brother from South Korea located us here in the US. I was able to go back to Korea in 2000 after 28 years of being adopted.


Thanks for sharing this with us! Im glad it was an overall positive experience.


I must say Tears came to my eyes, when I saw pictures of you posting the pictures of your children posting pictures of their finding spots. I pray that their parents will see these posters, so that they can have some peace to know their daughters are safe and loved.


Great pictures..... Great memories. Continue to enjoy your time over there.

Debbie Nicholson

Sandra, how amazing! And probably the best gift you could give your girls....enjoy this special time :)


Sweet. So incredibly sweet and special for your girls to be doing this. I think back to all the posts you've written about the sad little baby who was handed to hard you worked on far you have come as a family, and now this. Beautiful. Just beautiful.


Heel indrukwekkend, je verslag en de foto's.
Wat een impact ook voor Tahlia en voor jullie, maar inderdaad mooi dat jullie dit kunnen doen.
Wie weet wat het nog allemaal oplevert....
Kijk uit naar de rest van jullie verslag!

Michelle Fizzard

Love every word and every picture!!


I'm glad to hear from an "official" source that there are in fact "Yangchun cheeks" as I've been saying all along. Virtually every Yangchun girl I've seen has them, including Tahlia!

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