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Wednesday, July 09, 2014



Hi Sandra, we also visited youxian in the end of July. Our son was adopted 5 yrs ago. We also had a warm welcome. A lot of resemblances to your visit actually. It could have been our pictures only with a different family :-)

Greeting, Mireille from the Netherlands

Melissa Sirek

Every time I see a picture of the girls in their finding spots it makes me cry....I am so happy that you were able to visit China as family ( including their brother and his wife) , what a wonderful shared experience.


Again - incredible! This is such an amazing trip, not just for the girls, but also for you! I am amazed by the amount of information the SWIs have. To be able to sit down, years later, and look through the girls' files (plus see that they still have the book you sent!) is touching, especially when one thinks of the number of little ones who have been adopted!

Thank you for sharing your trip!

Mary Huber

Thanks for posting so many pictures. It is nice to see familiar faces from Youxian again.


It's so neat that you are in China and able to visit Jazzie's SWI!! It sounds like Hannah was born close to her as she is also a Hunan baby - yongzhou, DaoXian.

What an emotional, wonderful day for you all!

(Thank you for posting here! It's wonderful to see your family and how your beautiful girls are growing up!)


Ongelooflijk speciaall, de emoties spatten van de foto's. Maar bijzonder dat jullie dit kunnen doen.
Wat zou het mooi zijn als iemand reageert op die pamfletten.

Kim from Kansas

What an emotional visit. It's wonderful that your family was able to make this trip. I'm sure the girls will remember this for a long time. Enjoyed reading about your journey.

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