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Thursday, August 21, 2014



Poor Jazzie, once winter hits, that 6:30am bus is going to seem REALLY early! Can't believe the girls are so grown up, when I started following your blog Tahlia was just a toddler :)
Thanks for letting us follow along!

Debbie Nicholson

So glad that you are blogging again Sandra...I loved the mixture of posts you have written in the past going between news on the girls, your weight loss and exercise, recipies etc!
Gracie has just started school, so I too am looking forward to blogging more, such a great way to record what we are getting up to!!
In the UK schools start at 9am, I cant imagine a 6.30 start!!!!

Linda S.

Welcome back! I hope the girls have a great year.

Kyra C

So happy you will be back to regular blogging! I missed seeing what your sweet girls were up to.
If you would kindly share I would love to know more about your China visit. Some advice for those who have not gone yet what your daughters liked or didn't and what you did or didn't! Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks so much Sandra,

Michelle Fizzard

Happy to hear you will be blogging again. You were missed. Can you believe my girls have never been in the same school?

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