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Wednesday, August 27, 2008



"I swear, if I hear the word "MOOOOOOOOOM!" one more time, I am going to scream"

That one got me - my mother used to say, "I'm going to change my name and not tell anyone" when we would do the 'MOOOOM' thing. The one that got under her skin the farthest was, 'MoooOOOoooM.' There's a subtle difference only mothers understand apparently.


I was victim to the dreaded bug bites too. My story is that I saw my cat scratch,
assumed we had a flea, and treated the whole house just to find out...
no fleas, outside bugs from being at a friends for dinner.
There is an article at about them I think. Very itchy. 14 days to go away. yuck. I cleaned my house top to bottom too.
I think Jazzie is a wonderful girl who has learned from wonderful parents how to handle life. well done.
I get a lot of MOOOOM too. It's amazing how they develop that tone with the persistence. Do they teach that at school?


Was so happy to read that post that Jazzie is adjusting well in her new school. And, that she has someone to "take her under his wing" and help her out! It's always nice to know you are not the only one. :0)

sorry about the itch mites. Bummer! Are you sure they aren't chiggers? You get those from being outside and in the grass too. They totally itch and are a pain in the dupa if you ask me!


I am sooo glade I am not the only mother out there that needs a break from hearing Mooooom called all the time... How about Daaaaad for a change!!!

Have a great evening

Keri Martin

I lost your e-mail address and my computer won't allow me to access yours at the side. (I'm sure it is user error!) I didn't know if you saw this article or not, but I thought you might find it interesting. You have probably already seen it.



Sorry about the frustrations, BUT...

I am so happy for Jazzie (and for you!) that she is off to a great start in mainstream school. That is a real testament to her as a resilient person and to you as a mother for helping to prepare her for this big change. Here's hoping for continued success and a wonderful first year!

Sharie Greif

AWESOME of you to go talk to Jazzie's class about her implant. I'm sure the kids have been VERY curious and what a great way to introduce them to it.


Ugh! I hate the thought of bugs. I know a mom who carries "Off" in her purse! I'd be right there with you cleaning & vaccuuming.

It sounds like your chat with Jazzie's class today was quite successful. What a wonderful way to introduce her new classmates to a new situation. The little boy asked about "evening knowledge?" Wow! I'd never have thought of that one!


Sounds like you are having one of those days....I hear you, I have been having one of those weeks...I think it is the build up of back to school stress!

I am thrilled to hear that Jazzie is adapting well in wonderful that you got to have lunch with her and get a peak at what is going on behind the scenes!


I LOVE that last bullet! I'm so happy for all.

Hah, the first one came as no surprise to me as a fellow 'not so good at undone' person.

Love Julie's suggestion..I'll have to remember that one myself.

Hoping for clear eyes for Jazzie and a speedy paint job for you!


Just before I had Tess I remembered reading a tip about how to avoid changing sheets in the middle of the night. Get two sets of sheets and two waterproof mattress pads and layer, mattress pad, sheet, mattress pad sheet. That way if you have to remove a wet sheet (and mattress pad) in the middle of the night, there is another set on there and all you have to do is rip off the wet set (a lot easier to do than totally redressing a bed). It was worth the investment for me, possibly something to think about?

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