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Wednesday, November 19, 2008



You seriously can eat 2 Fibre One bars in a day?! I love them, but if I eat even one it's like a months worth of Fibre at a tummy can't take it. I LOVE my caramel crunch Balance Bars.


I bought a Fiber One bar yesterday. It's sitting right here next to my mouse and I think of you every time I look at it. Maybe tomorrow, I'll finally rip into it!




Fiber One bars are that good!? I'm going to have to try them. I'm a horrible eater so I could use the help. I'm lucky if I get anything more than a few cups of coffee & a can of coke in me before dinner, & I'm starved by then so anything will do. Thanks for the heads up.

Another cleaner that is really good is Fabuloso. It's really cheap but works well according to my friend.

The collage is great. No surprise though considering your talent.

Men's grooming tape? I'm too scared to even consider it. I'll wait for your answer thank you very much.


I love those FiberOne bars....SOOOOO yummy!
No clue on the tape, but I'm looking forward to what you use it for. ;)


You don't want my silly answer about uses for men's grooming tape ;0)

Really, the Pledge stuff is fine for both granite AND stainless? I must make Target run. I am tired of a blue million different products under my sink.

Two Kayaks

I have a Fibre One bar every day for lunch. They are amazing. My office mate keeps stealing them, though. >:(

I'm not eve going to hazard a guess about the tape. What you do in the privacy of your own home is none of my business. LOL


No clue? To keep the wedgies away?


Fiber 1 bars look super yummy! Glad to hear they're so good. Will need to look for those.

Great collage!

Men's toupee tape? My guess is that it has to do with Jazzie's cochlear and the wires. Am I close?


No idea on the grooming tape, but the Fiber One bars are great!!! I love the chocolate ones, but the peanut butter ones are great too!!


I was going to guess Jazzie's implants, too.


I say it is for the girls...Arts & Crafts tape. Easier then battling with a dispenser.

Will try those bars!

Keep smilin!


Is it sticky enough to groom your eyebrows???


I bet you use it to keep your clothes in place... Fabulous idea.


Please share the use for the men's grooming tape!


How about keeping bra straps in place? Is that it?


I'm guessing that you use it to keep Jazzie's cochlear implants in place. At least, I hope that's what you use it for! Some of the other uses I thought of weren't quite as palatable.


Men's grooming tape? EEEwwww, no I don't even want to think about what it could be used for!

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