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Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Absolutely beautiful - that touched my heart strings. The fact the advert was for Pantene surprised me at the end!



Just amazing. Love the line about why would you want to be like everyone else.


Thank you.

Erin came in & wanted to know why I was crying. I had her sit down & listen to the music with me. Can you say teachable moment? At the end, I asked her if she liked the music & she did. I asked her if she saw how the girl enjoyed playing & she did. Then I explained that the girl can't hear which sort of shocked her. My explanation? Just because you can't see or hear doesn't mean you can't do beautiful things or anything you want. I explained that many things are difficult for anyone but you shouldn't give up.

So thanks.



At the end when she looked up I said out loud "In Your Face" Then I laughed.

Amazing. I loved it.

I loved the man's comment "why do you have to be like everyone"


Major goosebumps here. Amelia loved it too! Thanks so much for sharing.


What an AMAZING commercial! Thanks so much sharing it with us!!


Powerful. incredible message. I am very impressed with Pantene for creating this.

Two Kayaks

Amazing. So touching and so true.


I am crying my eyes out here.....that was an incredible commercial.....although I didn't think that it was going to be for a hair product!!


Best commercial EVER! WOW!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Tonggu Momma

This was so, so beautiful. I bawled. Out and out bawled. And then I watched it again. Thank you for sharing this.


I'm with Meg. It was incredibly touching. I, too, kept thinking how beautiful her hair was and laughed when I saw it was Pantene. It'd be nice if more commercials were so uplifting.


Wow, this had me bawling. Thank you for sharing, this is the most moving commercial I have ever seen. I had to chuckle to myself at the end, when I saw it was a Pantene commercial. I kept thinking to myself during the whole thing how beautiful her hair was.


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