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Friday, February 13, 2009



Love Jazzie's family picture, love the blanket, Disney sounds awesome!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Kristy Rodriguez

WAY TO GO JAZZIE!!! And that afghan is beautiful. I love Belle, so I love the dresses and I just know they are going to have a blast!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Love and blessings, Kristy


Love is knowing your girls get it. And they do.

The afghan? Just gorgeous!

The report on Jazzie is wonderful. I know how proud of her you guys must be. She is one awesome girl.


Great reading Jazzie!

Wheee...the Disney countdown is on! You're going to have a ton of fun!!


I don't know what's more impressive - Jazzie's test scores, that afghan - or the length of Jazzie's tongue:)


Way to go Jazzie!!! That afghan is just beautiful!


Way to go Miss Jazzie...that is AWESOME!!

I bet you are all so excited to head to the Magic Kingdom.....have a great weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day!!

And BTW, you did a fantastic job on the is beautiful!


Jazzie is just a rock star! Yeah!

Love the book, the pics and the afghan is just amazing!

Keep smilin!


I laughed out loud when I saw that picture of Jazzie and her 'rapid growth tongue'... mostly because this past weekend Connie or Stacy had commented that Jazzie had a long tongue (when she was sticking it out) and made her stick it out again so we could all see just how long. LOL

Let me know how Tahlia enjoys Disney. We are considering taking Maddy there this fall for her 4th birthday but I've never taken small children before.

Last but not least.. WAY TO GO Jazzie!!!!


So much info! First, love the book. I think Jazzie needs to see a doctor about that tongue issue - STAT! Your princesses look beautiful. I can believe they're very excited. I would be, too! Fantastic scores. You go, Jazzie! And, finally, a beautiful afghan. My mother makes afghans. I never learned, but I do admire the skill.


What happened to the second "Z" in Jazzie's name in her portarit??? I thought for a moment that maybe SHE spells it differently, but then I saw it spelled differently (again) on the bottom of her paper.

I think the picture is EXTREMELY CUTE!! How SWEET!!

Tonggu Momma

What wonderful news! Jazzie is truly an amazing little girl. And have fun at Disney, y'all.

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