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Saturday, February 07, 2009



Pink is a wonderful color on Tahlia! She really looks so perky in it.

Erin would love a wardrobe that consists of only pink & blue. Mama has other ideas though. A girl has to have some green & purple too.


That book is too funny and cute too. That is the ONLY book my niece will read! Pink Pink Pink!


From one PINK girl to another...Happy PINK Day!!!


Hmmm, we don't have that book and I'm thinking that Ro (our very own Miss Think Pink) needs to have it!

Tahlia looks adorable!!


Oh my goodness, I remember Elise's excitement when she first saw that book! (I have PINK girlie, too!)


We're big with the pink around here, too. Though purple is a close second. She truly is pinkalicious!


Spicy Girl was all about pink when she was 3. Now she is in to all changes every day. Pinkalicious is the cutest book!!


Who doesn't LOVE pink!!! I think I've read Pinkalicious at least once a day for the last year....REALLY! For some reason Purpleicious doesn't hold the same appeal.....

Tahlia is a cutie in PINK!!


That's A LOT of pink:) Actually I think Amelia looks like that most days, boy would she and Tahlia LOVE eachother:)


What a cutie! She and my Jaden would get along very well. :)

Happy Saturday!

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